For the wood suppliers, you will email or bring them the cut sheet that comes with the KIT itself.  They will cut the 4x8 plywood sheet down to size for you for a few bucks a cut.  You can then go and pick it up, bring it home, and do your assembly.  Since plywood generally comes in 4x8 sheets, you can look for partial sheets (depending on availability), or you can look at building a KIT Family to use the whole sheet and have a matching set of KIT pieces. 


There are always the bib-box stores and local hardware shops for simple supplies, but for more specialized wood suppliers, check out the maps below.  We are always looking to add good suppliers who want to help you with your KIT project, and if you are a supplier who want to get on our list (or if you have a suggestion for someone you think should be on the list) send us a message through our contact form, give us a call (401) 314-0315, or email us at hello@kitn.co.