So no wood is included?

That’s correct, our Standard KITs do not include lumber.  We are exploring offering wood in the future, but the idea here is to minimize shipping costs, support local businesses, and allow you to begin the personalization process by selecting what type of wood you’d like to use. Instead we’ll do our best to advise you on where to go purchase lumber (Wood & Suppliers), how to get it cut, what Tools & Supplies you'll need, and what your options are for a high quality finish (Best Practices). KIT is not an off-the-shelf product, and it might not be for everyone, but it IS for anyone willing to try. We hope everyone learns something through this production process and builds a unique piece for themselves that they can truly call their own.

Shipping Rates?

We are going to offer free shipping on most orders in 2019, but currently shipping is free for our smaller items (up to $100), Standard KITs ship for a flat fee of $20, and if you buy multiple KITs or a KIT Family that ships for a flat rate of $35 (UPS Ground).  If you would like expedited service, those options are available at checkout. 

If you are ordering a KIT Family or multiple KITs, you will see shipping reductions since we will package them together into fewer parcels compared to ordering them individually. 

Do you offer any deals or sales?

If you subscribe to our newsletter you will no only keep up to date with KIT happenings, but you will receive exclusive discounts and hear about special promotions. Our Facebook and Instagram communities will also feature your own projects, new KIT products, special releases, and other promotions. 

Why not ship me a full piece of furniture?

By only shipping the unique essential KIT parts, together we reduce the costs of retailers, shipping and middlemen. We design and fabricate the custom steel hardware and instructions that are truly unique, and we work together to enable you to build custom furniture when combined with readily available plywood sheets or other reclaimed wood.  This was a big part of our original KIT concept, that we can produce better furniture together, by inviting your participation in the production process. Or go visit the Marketplace to see if we have what you're looking for. 

What are the tools required for this project?

Refer to our Tools & Supplies page, but you can assemble any KIT with a drill, Phillips bit, 3/16” drill bit (countersink bit preferred), measuring tape or ruler, sandpaper (orbital sander or sanding block is best), pencil, and whatever finishing supplies you choose to use. The KITs and assembly instructions have been intentionally designed to enable you to build pieces utilizing very few tools and limited space. You can use brushes or rags for applying whatever finishes you like, see our Best Practices page for more tips and suggestions. When you start to get more complicated with the finishing techniques, you might want to invest a bit more in your tool kit and finishing supplies which can help you achieve a more polished and professional finish but none of this is required off the bat.

How long will this take me to complete?

Once you have all your materials and supplies, it really should only take an hour or two to assemble a single KIT, with finishing taking more time based on how long everything needs to dry and how many coats you apply.  See our Best Practices section for tips and tricks.  Sourcing materials should also be pretty simple, there are lumber suppliers who can get you material and make precise cuts very quickly once they have the cut sheet we give you.   

Where can wood be purchased?

We would first recommend inquiring about standard 4’X8’ plywood sheets with your local lumber provider who will have a wide array of wood to chose from to suit your taste and budget as well as provide custom cutting services for just a few dollars (see our growing supplier list on the Wood & Suppliers page).  Any big box home improvement store will also carry basic plywood and OSB sheets, and will be able to cut it for you as well.  Our ‘cut sheets’ included inside each KIT can can be handed off to any of these suppliers who will perform the cutting services for you.

What about reclaimed wood or reusing wood I already have?

We offer KIT Hardware that is designed specifically to ‘sister’ several reclaimed boards together side by side with end straps holding the boards together.  If you already have a piece of wood you would like to use as a tabletop or bench, or if you have an old table that could use a refreshing with some new legs being swapped in, you can look at our hardware only KITs where you can buy sets of legs on their own.

How is KIT supporting US business and industry?

KIT has been designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.  We are committed to keeping our business in line with our core personal values and to keep our product the highest quality and pay quality wages to everyone involved in our business and manufacturing process.  We have no interest in shaving a few bucks through questionable business practices.  This is important to us and how we spend our own money, and is a big part of why KIT was born.  We think there are others out there who feel the same way.

Does KIT hold any Intellectual Property Rights?

Yes, KIT&Co., LLC owns registered Trademarks, has Patents Pending, and owns the Copyright, trade dress, and  legal protections for KIT designs, process, and all content.

Who is behind this company?

Co-founders and brothers Chris and Tim started KIT with the tremendous help from Ben (metal), Zach (graphics), Jesse (video), Simone (photos), Beholder (music).  It's been a huge group effort, and we're happy to share this idea with you!

Questions of any sort can be directed to or call us at 401-314-0315 and we’ll do our best to respond personally within 12-24 hours.

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